MobileMonday – Review Düsseldorf 02.02.2009

Mobile Monday Dusseldorf, 2.2.09

Blog by Ossi Urchs

2009’s first Mobile Monday at Dusseldorf’s Stadtmuseum drew an amazing crowd to the venue that left people standing in the aisles and outside to learn more about the red hot trend Mobile Social Software.

Already 60% of Germany’s mobile Web users point their browsers to one or more of their online social networks on a regular basis. No surprise that data traffic on mobile networks exploded recently: Between Q3 2006 and Q3 2008 it 13folded on the German T-Mobile network alone. And in the US AT&T observed that their iPhone users  generate revenues 60% above the average AT&T mobile customer. Whereas Apple was proud to announce 500 Million (!) downloads from their iTunes App Store as of January 2009, with games and all kinds of social software leading the list.

Sarik Weber once co-founder of Germany’s No1 professional social network Xing and today Chief Marketing Officer at cellity AG and a Mobile Monday regular opened the panel of presentations. After laying out the basics and the specifics of Mobile social networks he introduced cellity’s brandnew “Adressbook 2.0” as a mobile center for managing your contacts on the go. He got the crowd by an excurse emphasizing the significance of the micro-blogging platform Twitter for businesses as both a source and a destination for fast and steady customer relationships.

Christian Schulte, CEO of Blue Lion Mobile, was next to enter center stage introducing their platform Qeep for messaging and all kinds of mobile entertainment.

Tobias Kemper, Head of Communications at the Dutch “Meta-Social-Network” Nimbuzz was proud to announce that his company was selected one of the prestigious “Red Herring Global 100” hottest tech companies. Nimbuzz was also just nominated for Mobile Monday’s own “Peer Awards” to be announced at Barcelona’s 3 GSM World conference and trade show.

As the crowds retired from the panel to the bar they did not only engage in the usual “on site” networking. Many a guest could be seen poking their mobile devices for the hashtag “#momodus” on the Twitter network. Following Sarik’s advise you can all do as well @ for a start.

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