Open Letter to Apple – Multitouch

Dear Apple,

I’m a fanatatic user of my beloved MacBook Pro and would never give away my iPhone either.

But now I own a Google G1 phone, too, and I as a testcase I’ve installed a multitouch-enabled Android OS on it.

And after some hours testing I must admit, browsing on a mobile handset without multitouch is not mobile browsing, and only a multitouch-enabled mobile browser guarantees the real mobile browsing feeling.

I know or believe, you own the patent for multitouch, and it’s absolutely your right, to forbid others to implement this feature.

But from my point of view you should enable other partys to integrate multitouch, because with multitouch the G1 and other handsets will improve the mobile browsing expierience for all and that, especially in the times of economic downturn, will give the mobile browsing/the mobile handset market a huge burst.

And at the end of the day the Apple iPhone will profit, too (because it’s The ‚mobile browsing machine‘ today), and the community and I will see Apple as we/I want to see Apple:

As an open minded, intelligent and very innovative partner with a broad view of matter.
A company, that let the world benefit from their inventions.

With Regards
P.S. Sorry for my English!

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