Nimbuzz kooperiert mit Toshiba

Unten angehängte Nachricht habe ich heute von Tobias von Nimbuzz erhalten. Das neue Toshiba Handset TG01 wird standardmässig mit Nimbuzz ausgestattet und wird somit zu einem Media Social Phone.

Hi Oliver,

To keep you in the loop: Nimbuzz has just signed a major distribution agreement with Toshiba as social messaging partner for their new TG01 handset, ultra-slick iPhone killer (according to MobileCrunch)!

See press release below!


· Nimbuzz signs strategic license agreement to be on Toshiba’s new TG01 handset.
· Official mobile social messaging partner for new high quality, high performance powerhouse handset, featuring world’s first 1Ghz chip!
· Selected for best of breed and are chosen for mass market appeal – see it on the Toshiba stand 8A111 at MWC


· Nimbuzz won the prestigious Red herring Global 100 as the only aggregated mobile messenger company worldwide to ever receive this award!
· growing at well over 20,000 new users per day, or more than one in 4 seconds, thanks to amazing word of mouth! (95% recommend to friend)
· We added Arabic language support to our Symbain client, and now have users in every country of the planet.

More announcements following, and a BRILLIANT new iPhone version imminent! Interested? Let me know ; )

All the best from Nimbuzz HQ,


Collaboration to develop optimized versions of the Nimbuzz Social Messaging application for Toshiba’s New TG01 Handset

16th February 2009 – Rotterdam – Nimbuzz today announced a collaboration with electronics giant Toshiba to develop optimised versions of the multi-award winning Nimbuzz Social Messaging application for its mobile communications division. The agreement will bring instant messaging and social networking capabilities to Toshiba’s new high quality, high performance TG01 Handset.
Nimbuzz’s best in class mobile social messaging client was selected by Toshiba to provide an application that integrates effortlessly with an individual’s sophisticated and “hyper-connected” digital lifestyle. The two companies are working together to provide a device rich with communication features that enhance the usability of the Toshiba device and put all friends in one place.
Nimbuzz is an application designed to increase the desirability and differentiation of its partner’s products. The mobile social messaging capabilities will be seamlessly absorbed into Toshiba’s new handset with minimal cost and maximum benefit to both users looking for a device that fits their lifestyle and operators looking for new ARPU magnets alike.
Bertand Issard, Head of Product Planning & Strategy of Toshiba Mobile Communications Division in Europe added: “All our application partners are best of breed and are chosen for their mass market appeal and we are pleased to announce Nimbuzz as our social messaging partner. Nimbuzz will complete the PC like Internet experience of TG01 from flash site browsing to social networking,”

Nimbuzz CEO Evert-Jaap Lugt commented: “Device enrichment and differentiation is central to the overall desirability of mobile phones today and Nimbuzz is excited to collaborate with Toshiba to provide a truly world class value experience for Toshiba customers globally.”

Toshiba will be displaying its new TG01 with the Nimbuzz application running at the Mobile World Congress, Barcelona Stand number 8A111.

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