Mobile Monday Dusseldorf – Review 20.04.2009

Blog by Ossi Urchs

It was a beautiful and sunny spring afternoon in Dusseldorf’s “Altstadt” and hence the crowds turned in less than usual numbers to last Mobile Monday’s “Moble Marketing and Advertising” event. The ones who did witnessed a remarkable session that showed how fast trends and business-models, markets and users mature in the mobile world. Real business (-cases) instead of hypped up stories could have been the headline of all presentations.

Harald Neidhardt, Chief Mobile Officer at Smaato, the globally operating Mobile Ad Networkk showed us all that the Mobile Web is happening – but also that mobile marketing is still way behind “expectations”. And that is not (only) in economical terms, but also in creativity, in business processes and ROI (calculation), to name but a few.

And Markus Müchler, second to take center-stage could even explain why: As Vodafone Group’s man for all “industry initiatives” his spends a good chunk of his time in different industry bodies for standards and metrics. And those are exactly the ones missing for agencies and their clients to control campaigns on the mobile-screen with those in other media. Even though the Mobike Web is better fit to be controlled (in business terms, that is), metered and analyzed than other media, except the Web itself, Mobile Marketing needs urgently standards and metrics. Only with those in place can “Mobile” become an integral part of the standard media-mix. And take off from there.

This being said, Claus Darnstädt concluded the round of speakers with an exceptional presentation of contemporary Mobile Marketing trends as they have surfaced in real projects of real clients, all in conVisual’s portfolio. And did Claus show off some smart and even stunning interactive marketing apps for the Mobile screen.

So the headlining question of the evening – Why is Mobile Marketing lacking behind the real adoption of the Mobile Web? – remained unanswered. But some voices could be heard stating that the whole situation reminded them of the Web in ca. 1997: Everybody knows they have to do their homework but still don’t have a clue what to learn. Now, after this Mobile Monday in Dusseldorf they should.

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