96 hours Android Milestone Droid

I own/owned 236 handsets till today.
I have/had all iPhones.
I have/had nearly every Android Device, some BlackBerrys and Windows Mobile Handsets.

The Motorola Milestone is, in my eyes, the best smartphone you can buy – today.

Nothing more needs to be said… sorry, if I compare the milestone with the today’s possibilities I can’t find anything to criticize.

And to be honest, I thought Motorola is dying, but they did the right thing. They opened their minds…

2 Gedanken zu “96 hours Android Milestone Droid

  1. Yes, I should have done and maybe I will do. But all would say would be something like this: Brilliant display, very fast, stable in all aspects. Very good quality in concerns to hardware.
    And it’s only a short and subjective blog entry…

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