When Google Wave will fail

I like the Google wave idea, really!

But in these days and within the Web 2.0 space if you launch a new service you need a working mobile client (in my eyes), at least a service that works on new smartphones (like the iPhone or Android) and/or with 3 G speed.

Web 2.0 (or Mobile 2.0) users get used (and love) to have their popular apps and services on many platforms, and one, in the meantime very important is the mobile device.

New mobile technology make us more flexible – in time and space – without having to reduce our Web 2.0 service consumption.

Wave doesn’t really work on the handset and also doesn’t work really sufficient enough with 3G speed, even if you’ve connected your laptop with your 3G stick.
OK, a two person’s wave with no pictures, links, videos will make no problem, but if you open your wave to many people with a lot of rich content wave becomes less or not usable.

And as long as Google wave is only fun on a Apple iMac27 with broadband access it isn’t a service for me, because then wave reduces my new freedom which I’ve received – in the last years/months – with new technologies in the mobile space.

And even communication services, and wave is of course one, must have mobile connectivity!

And in the moment I can’t see any Google approach to transform Google wave to the mobile platforms or to make it usable with lesser bandwidth. Does anybody else?

To be honest: I my eyes it be will a hard task for Google to bring the ‚real-time-rich-content-many-users-chat-email-machine‘ to something like the iPhone or Milestone.
And if they really reduce wave for mobile usage it’s, maybe, in the end not more than a better Gmail client… who knows?

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  1. To be honest: In most peoples eyes it has been a unsolvable quest to bring a rich mail client to the browser. Google did.
    I am pretty sure they’ll provide access for mobile handsets as well – perhaps by displaying only the wavelets you select or adding another dimension to the UI.

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  4. „many-users-chat-email-machine“ is not a mobile killer app …. the screen is too small. As it stands the tool is targetted at salesforces indeed a certain company in sales has brought out a similar tool so that is at least one vote for Google Wave

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