Germany misses the Mobile App Train

The mobile app train has started. No, to be honest, it even has received remarkable speed – in my eyes.
2010 will be the year of the mobile business app, but the Germans aren’t on the train yet.

At least I don’t see many or any apps of the largest 30 companies (DAX companies) in the android or iPhone market yet.
These companies still believe the mobile web is the only approach to the mobile user.

And maybe it’s because of the bad experience we’ve all made with the mobile app technologies before the iphone and the android market (e.g. J2ME).
This defensive trend is still out here in Germany and if you’ve heard about the lastest MobileMonday Kudos champions like the Deutsche Post with their app you’ll soon share my mind.

The usecases in this app are clearly usecases for an app, at least for an hybrid app, but this app is not an mobile app, it’s a mobile web page with it’s, based on the nature of the mobile web,  reduced usability.

And the other 29 are not doing better, or does somebody know more than I?

3 Gedanken zu “Germany misses the Mobile App Train

  1. hi, – zur info: es gibt bereits eine android-app von Deutsche Post, nämlich HANDYPORTO. Die Inhalte der mobilen Website POST MOBIL gibt es bereits als iPhone-App, und ab Februar 2010 auch im Android-Market.. 😉

  2. leider mit einer unnützen und teuren variante.
    handyporto ist deutlich teurer als normale briefmarken und so mit ist diese app wohl nur in notfällen interessant

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