Who is afraid of Virginia Google?

I’m a huge fan of Google, especially in the last two years and the last months with Android, Chrome, Chrome OS and many other creations of the viable Think Tank Google.

In the beginning it was just a Search Company for me and a welcomed antithesis to the powerhorse Microsoft, but now Google is the IT inventor of the world, and I do not see any company being able – anylonger – to follow the innovation speed of Google.

Google is dominating the internet world by spitting out one trend after another.

Yesterday, for example, Google has launched again two new services in parallel!
One the one hand the new mobile (Android) app called Goggles , an argumented reality mobile search engine, and on the other hand the QR barcode system ‚Google Favorite Places‚.


With both Google connects reality with the internet world. Both, are in my eyes, again brilliant approaches, but, as Google is doing with other new services either, it makes us costumers more and dependent upon Google and it destroys other companys and smaller, in my eyes needed Think Tanks.

In the space of QR and augmented search I can count more than a handful, who are directly affected.

We, customers, are always happy about new Google services, due to these are almost free of charge, but what, if finally anything I do within the internet and my computer/mobile is dependent upon Google?

  1. ChromeOS as OS
  2. Chrome as browser
  3. Google Mail
  4. Android for mobiles
  5. Wave for social software & collaboration
  6. Maps for LBS and navigation
  7. …and so many others

One basic strategy of Google is to build everything they depend on on their own. Where does this strategy end?

Did you hear about the new Google DNS in the last days?

What, if finally there’s is only Google out there? In the nineties it was Microsoft, and now we are happy things have changed, but we haven’t won anything, if Google will become the next Microsoft for the coming 100 years…or more.

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