The Mobile App can bring Peace to the Content Gaza Strip

Sounds crazy, do you think?

Maybe, but it could work, because the Internet doesn’t have to change their current models.

Content in the Internet remains free and Google, every search engine works as usual.

Paid content will be delivered by paid (mobile) apps. The user is used to pay for content in the mobile space, and that differs from the ordinary internet.

In order to find the paid content Google or other search engines only find headlines or summaries and the found entries link to suitable app stores (Apple, Android, Ovi and others).

If the mobile model works, and I guess it can, then this model can be extended to desktop Java or Flash driven app stores. In the Java space we have already one.

Nobody has to change existing systems or behaviour with one exception:

The search engines link to content summaries and app stores, either mobile or desktop ones, instead of full articles.

I guess you can do it today already, without having to change search engines technology…

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