Is your Software Architecture social?

Is your Software Architecure social?

If you reply with YES to the 1o questions below it is:

  1. Do you provide almost any important function of your software as open API based on popular web protocols (REST, SOAP, JSON etc.)?
  2. Do you provide an ‚ajaxed‘ web client for your software for the most popular browsers?
  3. Do you provide a mobile app client for the most popular smart phone platforms/stores (iPhoneOS, Android, Nokia…)?
  4. Do  your mobile apps integrate with the given mobile application architecture (e.g. Open Intents on Android)?
  5. Do you provide a native desktop client for the most popular client OSes (OSX, Windows, Linux)?
  6. Ist your platform SSO enabled via OPENID, Facebook, Google Account and/or Twitter? Can the user register with these services?
  7. Is your software location enabled? On the mobile and on the desktop?
  8. Do you provide web widgets for the most important functions – for easy integration in other web systems?
  9. Can your software exchange information with the most popular social software platforms (like Twitter, Facebook etc.)
  10. Do you support your developer community with documentation, help and an active forum?

Yes, a lot to do for your software architecture team, but if you consider these requirements from the scratch, it will be easier to implement with less money to spent – in the long term.

And you will need these points, if you want to be successful…I believe.

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