Mobile App is King, the Mobile Developer even more – take care of him!

What we’ve seen in 2009 was the year of the Mobile App and the Mobile App Market (although everybody has claimed this year as the year of the Mobile Internet).

We’ve learned the Mobile App can make money and can solve some today’s publisher’s issues either.

And the forecast for 2010 and the following years is even brighter.

But nothing counts, if you do not have a suitable developer eco-system and a vital developer community.

For this reason the worldwide MobileMonday mobile community has started a new event series called m2d2 (= mobilemonday developer day).

This event series will start on the 23rd of February in Dusseldorf Germany, but will be extended all over the world (next m2d2 will take place in Munich in May).

Everything will be free (as usual for the MobileMonday community), so stay tuned for updates as a developer, and if you are somebody, who takes care about developers, come and visit your community here at the m2d2.

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