The Dictator App Store versus the Federated App Store

A lot of people are criticizing the app store model as a model which reduces the freedom of app development and thus the development and the creativity of the internet and the computer industry in general.

But, although and technical seen, nearly every app store model is the same, they aren’t at all, if we refer to the debate above.

There are two – totally different – approaches to use the/an app store model.

The first one is the ‚Wallet Garden‘ – we know this term from the early mobile internet days. The only way of an app to find its way to the client is through the one and only app store on this device.
This is the Dictator App Store, not only the app store is controlled, the complete device is controlled by one party.

The other app store model is the Federated App Store Model. Individually considered this app store is comparable to the Dictator Model, but it differs in the way, that this model allows the co-existence of several app stores on one device from different independent parties and an app to find the way to its client by-passing the app store.

Now it’s up to you, which platform supports which model!

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