The Social Mobile App Radar and why Android knows it

Yesterday I’ve used AppAware for the first time, and I was really impressed.
Impressed about the idea behind this service and impressed about the Android technology used for this app.

AppAware, once installed on your Android device, informs your followers (including Twitter if you like to) about your app usage („what do I install and deinstall?“).
But AppAware also informs me, and even localized, what other users are doing with their apps on their Android mobile.

For this purpose Android provides an API (via the BroadcastReceiver class) to let any application know whats going up on the user’s handset. With this API your/any app can listen to system intents (a kind of messaging on the Android platform) and react.

Something, I guess ,AppAware has used for it’s new and brilliant service.

And think about what else might be possible, when millions of handsets are collecting data about and broadcasting their behaviour to the cloud…

AppAware can be found and downloaded in the Android Market.

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