Google – An Algorithm but not a Business Company

If you read this rather old blog entry you will soon understand why Google is what Google is today.

This post demonstrates Google totally or at least mainly focuses on technical skills, when they recruit new staff.

Maybe that’s also the reason why Google performs very well concerning their search engine, search algorithms and in finding new technical solutions, but fails in bringing their technical and often brilliant ideas to the people and to the mass market.

Just reflect their latest innovations like Buzz or Wave and you’ll soon understand what I mean.

Or think about Android. A – technically seen – brilliant mobile OS, but Google has forgotten to think beyond this new technology – no Android mobile eco system like Apple has brought to the customer more than one year before Android was launched.
They only had to copy Apple’s successful business model, but they didn’t.

Why? The People at Google have never be trained for these tasks…and to copy :-).

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