Why to buy NOW an Android Nexus One

Although there might be – meanwhile – better Android Devices than the Nexus One (e.g. the HTC Incredible or the HTC Evo) the last days have demonstrated why it might be, I believe it is an advantage to own a Nexus phone.

Only one day after the GoogleIO Nexus owners can now update their their phones to the new and really brilliant new version Froyo:

And, I believe also, this is and won’t be an exception in the future:

  • Google will be always the first, who has access to a new version and will test very soon all development stages against their own phones
  • Google doesn’t have to migrate special customizations  to new version (like e.g. HTC has to with their Sense UI) – this saves, as we have seen in the past, maybe  a lot of time, time to market

In the last weeks I thought I have to switch to a HTC Incredible, but since some days now I guess it’s better to stay with my Nexus – at the moment :-)

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