Flash for Freedom

I’m an Apple Fanboy, for many, many years now. I owned an Apple IIe in 1978 and now, 2010, several Macs and an iPhone.

And I know, when I surf a Flash web site, my Mac’s ventilator often starts to run or my Firefox browser or even Google Chrome crashes because of the heavy load nature of Flash sometimes.

But all these disadvantages are, in my eyes, less important than keeping me my freedom of choice.
And with my Macbook I have this freedom today, the same with my iMac, but with my iPhone and the iPad I’m loosing this freedom of choice.

Somebody else decides, what is good for me and what not.

And I’m happy having kept this freedom by switching from my iPhone to Android, because after some hours with Flash for Android I must admit: It works, yes it does!

It’s not perfect, it brings heavy load to the CPU, the battery and the connection, but it works. If I want to surf a Flash site, I can. I do not have to, and I guess, I will seldomly do, but I can.

Yes, I can – that’s my freedom, my Flash for freedom.

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