That’s what I expected Google to offer with the Android start

That’s what I expected Google to offer since the start of Android. Now a new company from Finland created with the app Dazzboard something, what we Android users are heavily requesting:

The desktop client to sync apps, music and videos with your Android device, at this stage only for Windows users, but Mac OSX will follow.

Dazzboard works as Browser Plugin for the Internet Explorer and Firefox.

I really don’t know, why Google has launched a new mobile platform without desktop based sync and shop system. Did they never use and analyze the iPhone? In my eyes this kind of software is a very important piece of the whole mobile business ecosystem and an important one to make money.

Maybe there are two reasons (besides others) for Google to wait:

They will integrate the Android desktop client in ChromeOS to make this new OS more attraktive and/or they let others start with this kind of desktop client to take the fear away of Google’s Android dominance.