Android eats its Children

In my eyes problems of the worldwide hype of the open and modern mobile operating system Android are, besides the missing native Android desktop client, the following:

  • The agility, the openness and the dynamic of Android produces very fast and often new versions with new and cool functionality. This leads to the fact that just released and basically cool handsets are outdated before they reach the market. Thus manufacturers of these mobiles have difficulties in selling their new products. At the moment everybody wants the Nexus (with 2.1) or at least the Droid (with 2.0.1). The really cool people don’t want to buy an Android  mobile with version 1.5 or 1.6. In countries like Germany (where we don’t have the Nexus yet) this can – maybe – result in a (never ending) wait-and-see attitude of the customer.
  • This same agility enforces the handset manufacturers to hire more and more Android specialists to adapt the newest Android versions, especially when they have to migrate proprietary Android extension (e.g. own home screens). This makes Android, although free of charge, maybe more expensive than other operating systems. And the manufacturers can’t use their Android stuff to develop important apps or other services to attract new customers.

The very successful iPhone OS doesn’t have these problems…