Open or Android is not always a guaranteed blessing

Android will succeed, no doubt.

By the end of the year 2012 it will dominate the mobile browsing and the mobile handset market – all over the world, I’m sure.

But as Android is an open operating system there’s no guarantee for success for those companies using Android, and especially no guarantee for a continuos success even if you’ve once lunched a successful Android device.

The best and first example for this new market situation is Motorola. The Android Droid was and is a huge success at Verizon. But now comes the next manufacturer with the next Android mobile to Verizon – HTC with the Droid Incredible.

This new handset might steal the Droid’s current show and might be even more successful than its predecessor.

Both handsets carry even comparable product names, so that the customers shall believe in this ‚Next Generation Android Story‘.

So, as an Android manufacturer , there are (at least) five points very important:

  1. Refocus on the hardware, built cool handsets with cutting edge technology
  2. Hire the best and a lot of Android developers, who know how to customize the Android OS
  3. Built your own UI layer
  4. Be always the first with the newest Android versions, especially with updates for already sold devices
  5. Carry a very good relationship to the carriers

This way is different to the Apple, Nokia and Palm way, but if you focus on these points, you can be as successful, probably even more successful, than others, as the Palm history has taught us…