Google Nexus One – the missing Puzzle of the Android Picture

Maybe we will learn something with the Nexus One launch (5th of January 2010) what most of us haven’t yet taken into a account and what will, in my eyes, compensate the biggest problem of the Android platform – the missing, native Android client for my home PC.

Maybe Google will offer a new software architecture with the start of Nexus. A client, which can download Android apps, music and movies and stream those to the Android handset. A client, that backups my apps and maybe a client, that runs my Android apps on my desktop or laptop.

Then Android fans will have something comparable to the successful iTunes (and even more), this will be the missing puzzle of the Android big picture.

And with the help of the Nexus One Google can package a native client with the Nexus box and also preinstalled on the Nexus handset. Something, Google didn’t do and couldn’t do with Motorola, Verizon, T-Mobile and all the others in the Android space in the past.

I’m curious about it!