The Biggest Google Mistake 2009

Google is, no doubt, a, if not the winner of 2009, but, in my eyes, they did one huge mistake:

Their Android Appstore is isolated to the Android platform, at the moment, there’s even no client for the desktop clients.

If I had been Google I have had chosen to buy Sun, have had made Standard Java the platform for Android and have had built an Appstore like the Sun Java Appstore.

Then I would have had an Appstore client for the desktop and the Android phones, and I have had apps, that run on the desktop and the mobile.

I know, you always have to consider screen size, hardware interfaces etc., but Apple will do so, I’m sure.
And they have a huge advantage, again – their iTunes.

The Appstore is one the winner of 2009, like Google is, too, but the importance of the Appstore business model has been undervalued by Google, at least in 2009.