Just Do iNow or How To Save Apple

Yes, I agree with many comments that Apple should invent some revolutionary toys again, but they also have to provide some rather simple improvements to their current setup in parallel or even before.

This will bring back trust and I believe around 100 Billions in market capitalization.

I see the given order also as a priority indication:

  1. Improve iOS, just copy the best Android features (as Apple has already done in the past, why didn’t Apple do this in iOS6?) like Widgets, replaceable homescreens, better sharing etc.
  2. Even if Apple and I think 5 Inch phones don’t really make sense, the customers want these phones, so build these like you did with the iPad Mini before (Apple, you also didn’t believe the customers need 7inch tablets…) apple_save
  3. Buy Twitter and improve Maps, bring both together and integrate iMessage 
  4. Yes, also create a line of cheaper phones, when you’ve finished with 1 to 3, but these have to be new as well and probably should be sold with a new/different brand name, maybe something like a ‚APhone‘ (simply copy successful models like the one of Volkswagen) 
  5. And, Apple, if your are bored, create cheaper iMacs and MacBooks, but only if you are really bored

How did Nike always explained to us in the past ‚Just do it‘ or should I better say ‚Just Do i(t)Now‘