Why Twitter doesn’t work for the Business

From time to time I try to influence some decision makers in banks to start with Social Media and to use Twitter. It has been a hard job in the past so far.

But since yesterday it even will be become much harder.

The problem of Social Media and Twitter in special: They are, technically seen, build for the end user and are heavily open either (what I like as private person).

These services don’t provide security mechanism old and traditional business units require, before they will rely on something like Twitter.

For Twitter this could mean (for example):

  • Special business accounts, where OAuth, the Twitter API and the public access is deactivated
  • Business accounts with a special business API, where only a dedicated client (client certificates) is allowed to connect
  • Something like a Twitter workflow, where two or more users in an organization work on the same tweet
  • Something like a twitter transaction number, where a tweet will only be posted, if you input the correct number
  • And some more…

And even if you build some of these requirements into your own Twitter or Social Media client, these services still remain open and insecure, because the general access stays unchanged.

Yes, I know, all these requirements usually don’t fit to the general idea of Social Media or Web 2.0, but, if we want huge and traditional companies to join the ‚Social Media Club‘,  then these services have to adapt conventional security and business pattern.