Why I will never ever buy Samsung Mobiles again

I’ve owned nearly 200 mobiles in the last 10 years. Since two years I’m a huge fan of Android and 3 months ago I started to love Samsung.

I’m really impressed by the Samsung Galaxy S and even more by the Galaxy Tab.

But yesterday I’ve tried to update both. At first I thought I can do it via over-the-air (OTA), as you can do it with many other Android devices (and as given Android standard procedure). Then I learnt I need to install a client software called ‚Kies‘ to upgrade. I searched for a Kies Apple OSX and Linux version, but didn’t found any. I very soon recognized that there’s only a Windows Kies version available. So I installed this Kies version (2.0) on a VMware version of Windows XP (under OSX and Linux – I only own these operating systems at the moment).

At first I had to upgrade VMware, because there’s has been a bug in VMware concerning Samsung USB devices, but after I’ve installed the VMware patch, I could connect my Samsung device with Kies.

Now I started the update process and after a while it crashed. I repeated this process for five times, always with the same result and after all I stopped any further attempts.

Today I borrowed the Windows laptop of my father and tried to upgrade again, and this time it worked, for the Galaxy Tab and the S, without any problems.

So finally it means: You NEED a native Windows PC, if you want to manage your Samsung devices. No other OS is possible, no virtualization and even the OTA functionality has been removed from the Samsung Android OS.

And none of these requirements have been stated on the package or on the product web site, when I bought the devices.

Would I have known this before, I would never ever have bought Samsung Mobiles – for sure, I and will never ever do again in the future, as long as these circumstances still exist.